Farin Sadiq

Farin Sadiq

Farin Sadiq

Farin Sadiq

Responsive Web design

EFX Online


Project management
UX Design
Brand Design


Eddy O'Kane, Laurence Allen (Product owners)
Mujtaba Panahi, Motion Designer
Madina Walizada, Web Developer

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Project overview

EFX Online is an online platform for foreign exchange trading. They aimed to design their landing page to have user engagement, increase the number of sign-ups, and create a better overall user experience. The design included interactive 3D elements and captivating animations, which showcased a unique approach.

Design solution

Brief and sketches

During the initial calls with the client, they provided us with a comprehensive brief outlining their business strategy. To ensure we were aligned with their objectives and design goals, we created sketches of the proposed layout design, which we reviewed together during our first two calls.

Brainstorming and moodboard

For the purpose of understanding a design direction and maintaining design consistency throughout the project and website, begin investigating ideas and locating visual references.



Design process

Final layout

Visual design


Final design

Lesson Learned

Early client feedback gathering and collaboration are highly important. At that time, Spline (an online design tool) wasn’t widely known, so we had to use Cinema 4D and Adobe After Effects instead, which didn’t have any sharing or feedback options.

Optimising a website is essential for both accessibility and performance. We investigated several video formats (MP4, MOV, and PNGA) to achieve reduced file sizes without sacrificing quality. However, Spline has recently resolved these issues.

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